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According to information published by Russian Press Agency TASS on August 7, 2020, Russian Iskander NATO code-named SS-26 Stone short-range tactical missiles will be used for coastal defense. From 2020 missile brigades of the ground forces will train to destroy amphibious assault. Experts believe Iskander will complicate amphibious assault on the Russian territory and increase the strike potential of the Navy, the Izvestia daily writes.

According to a press release released by the Israeli company Spear UAV on August 6, 2020, the company has unveiled a new family of encapsulated drones. called Ninox. Instantly launched and intuitively operated, the drones provide on-demand and on-the-move intelligence capabilities that create new dimensions on the battlefield. Spera UAV develops and manufactures a wide range of unique UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) solutions for defense and HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) applications.

According to Indian sources, India has deployed its Russian-made T-90S main battle tanks called Bhishma in the mountainous border region of Ladakh. But how can a 47-ton tank move in mountainous regions with narrow and steep roads, and bridges that can’t be crossed by heavy tanks? China has developed Type 15, a light tank especially designed to be used in such mountainous regions, as it weighs only 33 tons.

La société française Arquus a développé une famille de tourelles téléopérées (RWS ou RCWS) baptisée Hornet (RWS), présentées en versions Lite et Standard sur le salon de défense virtuel E-xpo de la société clôturé le vendredi 31 juillet 2020. Le développement de tourelles Arquus comprend trois types : T1, T2 et T3. À Eurosatory 2018, Arquus a présenté trois variantes sous les nouvelles dénominations commerciales: Hornet, Hornet Lite et Hornet S (Standard).

French Company Arquus has developed a family of Hornet Remote Weapon Station (RWS) designated Lite and Standard on the company’s E-xpo virtual defense exhibition. The development of ARQUUS RWS includes three types of weapon stations including T1, T2, and T3. At Eurosatory 2018, ARQUUS has showcased three variants of its remote weapon stations under the new commercial name, the Hornet, the Hornet Lite, and the Hornet S (Standard). 

Dialogue is one of the most basic ways humans use language and is a desirable capability for autonomous systems. Army researchers developed a novel dialogue capability to transform Soldier-robot interaction and perform joint tasks at operational speeds. The fluid communication achieved by dialogue will reduce training overhead in controlling autonomous systems and improve Soldier-agent teaming.

Until 1998 the Russian antiaircraft missile troops were subordinated to the air and missile defense forces. Today they are a major component of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The latest S-350 Vityaz and Pantsir-SM participated in the latest Victory Day parade together with traditional S-400 and Pantsir-S guns, the Independent Military Review writes.

The U.S. Army uses a lot of bullets and explosives to fight and win on the modern battlefield. Known chemical compounds that explode, technically known as energetics, are lead-based primary explosives. In new experiments, Army researchers and their partners at Purdue University observed some new compounds that may be an environmentally friendly alternative.

All military forces have launched programs to develop laser weapons mounted on combat vehicles, vessels or aircraft. Directed energy and laser weapon systems are a proven solution that effectively addresses tech-driven threats with more accurate, flexible and affordable performance than offered by traditional ballistics. Today, laser weapons are one of the more efficient solutions to counter drone threats which are now deployed on the modern battlefield to conduct combat missions.

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