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technologyChinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) border defense troops in Ngari, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, recently received a type of exoskeleton suit that enables them to conduct tasks in harsh, high altitude environments more efficiently, state media reported, echoed by Chinese army's website China Military.

Tenexium is a new French company dedicated in the supply of armored protection solutions. Its product range is based on an original composite that can be adapted to a wide range of applications with a cost-effectiveness ratio that makes it possible to broadly extend the spectrum of effective ballistic protection. Its T-Liner is an additional armoring solution designed to significantly increase crew protection and survivability in civilian as well as military armored vehicles.

Trust in autonomous systems to do what they are designed to do, and meant to do, is paramount before these systems can be confidently employed as an operational capability. Javier Chagoya, United States Navy, explains : in an era of Great Power Competition, where those who can field autonomous capabilities the fastest will have a distinct advantage, researchers at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) are exploring many of the fundamentals of autonomous systems, especially in the trust and confidence arena.

The Matador and Marauder 4x4 armored vehicle produced by the South African company Paramount Group are now combat-proven after the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The Azeri Defence Magazine reported that the vehicles demonstrated good performance during the five-day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in April 2016, in an explosion at an ammunition depot in Gilazi, Azerbaijan in 2017, as well as during Azeri military operations launched on the 27th of September 2020 as part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Northrop Grumman, in collaboration with the Air Force Association’s Schriever Chapter #147, is sponsoring the 6th Annual Schriever Space Futures Forum, a live virtual event, which will include a celebration of 50 years of successful operations of the Defense Support Program (DSP).

The French Defense Innovation Agency (AID, Agence de l’innovation de défense) is supporting the HELMA-P anti-drone fight innovation acceleration project, led by CILAS. The HELMA-P anti-drone laser system benefits from testing campaigns and demonstrations on the Landes site of the General Directorate of Armament (DGA) Missile Tests. The results already showed promising from the first week of testing.

The Centauro II is a modernized version of the Centauro 1 8x8 anti-tank wheeled armored vehicle that was presented for the first time in June 2016 during the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, France. The previous version of the Centauro was the first 8x8 wheeled anti-tank vehicle in the world with a high-pressure gun. The Centauro is jointly manufactured by the Italian Defense companies Leonardo and IVECO Defence Vehicles.

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