Indonesia buys BT-3F and BMP-3F armored vehicles from Russia

Indonesia has ordered BT-3F and BMP-3F armored amphibious armored vehicles from Russia for its Marinir Korps (Marine Corps) where they will replace old BTR-50Ps and K-61s of the Soviet era. The contract was signed in Jakarta on Monday, April 22, according to Rosoboronexport.

Indonesia buys BT 3F and BMP 3F armored vehicles from Russia
BT-3F (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Indonesian Marinirs are expected to receive 21 BT-3F and 22 BMP-3F vehicles, at a total cost of over $170 million.

The BMP-3F Marines fighting vehicle is based on the BMP-3 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and intended to equip naval infantry units. It lacks the self-entrenching blade that is normally mounted at the front of the hull. A large snorkel is raised at the rear of the hull, on the right side, when the vehicle is afloat. According to the prime contractor, the BMP-3F can operate up to sea state 3, while the weapons can be fired with a high level of accuracy up to sea state 2. It can also stay afloat for a maximum of 7 hours. The BMP-3 ICV was developed by the BMP-1/2 design bureau at Kurgan with the original Obiekt 688 prototype being armed with an externally mounted 30 mm 2A42 cannon and two ATGWs. While the vehicle weighs some 18 tons, it packs quite a punch: it's equipped with a 100-mm gun, 30-mm autocannon and three machine guns. Indonesia already operates over 50 BMP-3s, including its marine variant.

The BT-3F is a tracked amphibious armored personnel carrier (APC) vehicle designed and manufactured by the Russian Concern Tractor Plant. The vehicle is mainly designed to be used by naval infantry units (marine corps). The development of the vehicle started in 2010 under the program "BMP-3-based APC design work". The BT-3F was unveiled in September 2016 at the International Military Technical Forum near Moscow Russia. The vehicle was developed based on the BMP-3F (F stands for Marinized, Flotskaya) IFV intended for the Russian Naval Infantry. Other countries as Indonesia, Kuwait, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) showed interest in purchasing the BT-3F. The vehicle can accommodate 15 marines on top of two crew members. Indonesia is the first foreign country to get its hands on the modern amphibious APC, according to Rosoboronexport.