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ISDEF 2019: Wintego to showcase its cyber intelligence solutions.

| 2019

Wintego will be present at ISDEF 2019 (Tel Aviv) to showcase its cyber intelligence and communication solutions, June 4-6.

ISDEF 2019 Wintego to showcase its cyber intelligence solutions
Wintego develops advanced communication, cyber intelligence, and data extraction solutions for the government and homeland security sectors (Picture source: Wintego)

Wintego develops cyber intelligence solutions for remotely extracting secured data from targets’ web and cloud accounts, as well as mobile phones and laptops.The collection of data is performed using tactical and strategic Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) interception systems for IP traffic carried over different networks, including Wi-Fi, cellular (3G/4G) and fixed networks.

Wintego offers field operatives and emergency units an advanced tactical communication solution. Easily deployable, it enables field personnel to set up ad-hoc Wi-Fi networks for communicating with members of their team and for creating a backhaul Internet connection.

Upon arrival at a new location, field personnel can deploy the tactical communication solution within minutes. Other members of the team who join the ad-hoc network with their mobile devices benefit from a fast, stable internet connection and a secure link for communicating with team members operating in the area, even in disaster zones.

Wintego’s data extraction platform effectively obtains highly valuable intelligence from data communications such as email messages, chat messages, documents, social network data, web-browsing activity, locations and more.

Their data extraction engine can be integrated with data-gathering solutions for tactical Wi-Fi interception, tactical cellular interception, and nationwide strategic interception.

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