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ISDEF 2019: SafeShoot will be exhibiting its safety devices.

| 2019

SafeShoot will be exhibiting at the Israel Defense & HLS (Home Land Security) Expo 2019. ISDEF Expo 2019 will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, from June 4 to June 6. SafeShoot is a US company specialised in the design and production of safe systems helping preventing friendly fire accidents. These systems have been created for hunters, soldiers and homeland security forces.

ISDEF 2019 SafeShoot will be exhibiting its Green Shield
The SafeShoot device that can be fitted on most firearms, thanks to its picatinny rail (Picture source : SafeShoot)

SafeShoot provides a unique and reliable system that identifies who is in your line of fire and prevents friendly fire incidents. The system alerts a Green Shield (Blue Shield for the homeland security forces) user automatically and autonomously when another Green Shield user is within the line of fire.

Thanks to its picatinny rail, it can easily be fitted on most firearms used by hunters, soldiers or homeland security forces. But it can also be integrated in ground and aerial vehicles, providing them a better vision of the field, knowing wether their target is an ennemy or a friend, therefore permitting them to avoid friendly fire and friendly casualties. Green Shield users thus include armoured vehicles, artillery, dogs, attack helicopters, infantry units, logistic support troops, non infantry troops, UAVs, vehicles, ...

The system works through the use of GPS data (which provide the position of the Green Shield users), MEMS sensors (which measure the pointing direction of the different devices) and RF communications (each Green Shield sharing information with the other systems using RF communications). Thanks to all these devices, if a high-risk issue is detected, the system will automatically alert the Green Shield user even if there is no line of sight, day or night and in all weather conditions.

ISDEF 2019 SafeShoot will be exhibiting its safety devices
Video demonstration of the Green Shield (Picture source : SafeShoot)


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