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ISDEF 2019: Cyber expo about cyber tech and security challenges.

| 2019

ISDEF 2019 (Tel Aviv) is the Israel’s largest defense expo, but also a cyber expo to showcase cyber technologies and innovative solutions to global cybersecurity challenges.

ISDEF 2019 Cyber expo for cyber technologies and security challenges
Anything that is compute-based is vulnerable to exploitation (Picture source: US Army Illustration)

Cyber security is a rising problem. With the increase of the number of individuals sharing information and lives online, there is a higher possibility of someone exploiting that information. Most people are aware of the dangers of cyber crimes (hacking being a prime example), but a lot of them are not aware of the intensity until they have a firsthand experience with hacking. Those threats are problems for the civilans, but also a major challenge for the Defense: databases, classified files, communications, operations, devices... can be vulnerable and must be potected against cyber threats.

"The threat is very real, and anything that is compute-based is vulnerable to exploitation," said Stephanie Helm, a former U.S. Navy captain and intelligence officer who recently took over as director of MassCyberCenter. "The severity of the threats depend on the adversary and their objective." Helm said cyberspace threats seem to multiply each year, as government agencies and businesses scramble to keep a handle on them.

The Cyber expo at ISDEF 2019 will showcase solutions and cyber tech from around the world, June 4-6.


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