Taiwan to start production of Yun Feng ballistic missile

Taiwan will commence the limited-production of its Yun Feng ballistic missile that has a range of 1,500km.

Taiwan to commence limited production of Yun Feng ballistic missile 1
Firing of a Yun Feng ballistic missile (Picture source: MND)

The project name is Ching Tien and a total of 20 missiles are to be produced. They will be mounted on 10×10 trucks for road mobility. Simulations during Han Kuang war games found that fixed silos of those missiles will definitely be destroyed during the first wave of attack from China.

The project manager will be Yang Mu Hsiung, a veteran defense scientist that was asked to postpone his retirement in order to carry out the program.

The missile is said to be using four missile segments from the Tien Kung air defense missile as boosters. Once the missile reaches high altitude, the ramjet engine will take over.

Separately, the Ministry of National Defense has initiated project Chi Lin to build a rocket capable of carrying microsatellites weighing between 50-200kg into low-earth orbit.