BIDEC 2019: Al Fattan Ship showcases 4 ships on its display

Al Fattan Ship Industry’s main yard is located in Al Sadr Port, Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with an area of more than 200,000 square meters and has multiple lengths of berths. The area was once a port in 2009.

BIDEC 2019 Al Fattan Ship showcases 4 ships on its display 925 001
Al Fatan display at Bidec 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The 13.5m Interceptor achieved the requirements from DNV class society to serve our professional coastguard and naval forces for a capable, well designed and well-built craft for coastal and offshore patrol duties. This boat has been designed for the purpose of regular patrol facility, intercepting anti-symmetrical threat facilities in territories of the coastal area. It allows up to 6 crew members to be seated on Ullman jockey seats. The seating arrangement provides adequate spaces for a walk around the cockpit area without any obstruction.

Al Fattan 11 Meter High-Speed Interceptor is a high-speed Interceptor that has been specially developed for navies, coastguards and police forces. It is an upgraded version of the Al Fattan's 10m Interceptor. It is faster, more stable and has greater load capacity. It can carry one 12.7mm gun at the front and 2 minimi 7.62mm guns on deck sides. It was built and designed to fulfil its basic functions to accomplish military operations and missions at the fastest possible time.

Al Fattan 13.5m Inshore Patrol Vessel has been developed to meet the requirements of professional Coast Guard and Naval Forces. It is a well-designed, well-built and well-equipped patrol boat responsible for conducting coastal patrol operations, search and rescue missions, defend the territorial water against attack mounted by sea-borne forces.

Al Fattan 16 Meter Combat Boat has the capability to deliver a large group of troops into a combat zone through rough and shallow waters at a high rate of speed. It was constructed from a combination of Fibreglass and aluminium structures to minimize lightship weight and maximize its capacity to carry combat-ready troops, gears, weapons, ammunition’s, a captain, and a helmsman, along with all other provisions.

Al Fattan Composite Division develops and manufactures fibreglass boat with proven hull design which serves the commercial and military fast patrol and interceptor category integrated with state-of-the-art technology and weapon system working under the association of international rules and standards for coastal protection.