BIDEC 2019: Harbor Offshore Barriers presents its security solutions

Harbor Offshore Barriers supported the US Navy to develop, test and deploy its original Port Security Barrier, the PSB and Fixed Security Barrier, the FSB. We were the first company to be licensed by the US Navy to produce its waterside perimeter barrier system for commercial applications.

BIDEC 2019 Harbor Offshore Barriers presents its security solutions 925 001
Display of Harbor Offshore Barriers at BIDEC 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Harbor Offshore Barriers PSB solutions are utilised by Maritime forces globally, the PSB was originally licensed and developed closely with the US Navy. Regional partners BDS boast a 12 years presence across the Gulf region as specialists in High-Security Perimeter solutions both on land and the marine environment.

PSB 600 is the company's proprietary model that sets the global standard for continuous net capture systems on pontoon structures. The PSB 5500 is their “heavy-duty” version of the PSB 600 and the PSB-T is the current US Navy standard system first licensed to us in 2004.

They are continually improving their patented Fixed Security Barrier (FSB) system (Patent #7,744,313 B2), a stationary barrier with pilings reaching depths of up to 80 ft (25.39 m) and to provide the best anti-terrorism boat stopping system available to government and private sector customers.

The FSB stops a boat’s progress in milliseconds, yet remains fully capable of stopping a second or even a third swarm attack. The FSB barrier is designed to be permanent and installed in place to stop a Fast Inshore Attack Crafts (FIAC), a Boat-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (BBIED), a Multiple boat attacks, Intruders at full power before, during and after impact and Underwater penetrations.