MSPO 2023: Day 1 summary at International Defense Exhibition Kielce Poland

KIELCE, Poland, September 5, 2023 – Army Recognition, the renowned defense media outlet, has been designated as the official Online Show Daily News and Web partner for the International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) 2023. The event, which ran from the 5th to the 8th of September, further cemented its reputation as one of Europe's premier defense showcases. Stay tuned for a summary of Day 1 coverage at MSPO 2023.
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South Korea unveils K2PL Main Battle Tank for the Polish army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The 31st edition of MSPO sprawled across 34,000 square meters of exhibition space in Kielce, Poland. With over 700 participating companies and more than 60 delegations from 36 countries, the event drew an impressive crowd, attracting over 25,000 visitors.

South Korea took center stage this year, chosen as the lead nation for the exhibition. This honor followed their significant defense deals with Warsaw, including the supply of the advanced K2 tanks. As the lead nation, Korea not only showcased its defense prowess but also hosted a pivotal conference on bilateral defense industry cooperation.

Several Korean defense giants, including Korea Aerospace Industries and Hanwha Aerospace, were among the 30 participating companies from the nation. Their displays were highlighted by the K2PL tank, a state-of-the-art machine now serving with the Polish army.

The US Army also marked its strong presence, showcasing a range of military equipment. Visitors were treated to static displays of the M88A2 ARV, JLTV, M-Shorad Stryker, HIMARS, M1A2 Abrams tank, and the Chinook CH-47F transport helicopter.

For a detailed video report of the first day's events and more, enthusiasts and industry professionals are directed to Army Recognition's official website and YouTube channel.

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