Defense & Security Thailand 2019: DRASS to consolidate its place on submarine market

Italy's DRASS Defence is securing its place in the submarine market and aims to deliver compact and affordable solutions for smaller navies in particular. Defense & Security Thailand 2019 is the perfect opportunity for them to present their various capabilities and their know-how.

Defense Security Thailand 2019 DRASS to secure its place on submarine market
A picture of Drass submarine on Leonardo booth at Defense & Security Thailand 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Drass Defence is taking the opportunity to present its know-how to the Asia-Pacific market comprising boats from 120 tonnes displacement and 28.2 m in length (DG120) to 450 tonnes displacement and 40 m in length (DG450) to compact submarines. These compact submarines can also be equipped with heavyweight torpedoes from the DG160 model upwards.

The design of the Drass DG160 is based on an operational concept that makes this craft more similar to that of an aircraft than a naval vessel; due to its limited size, when not in operation, the Midget can be stored dry in a hangar and launched for a mission only. This feature facilitates maintenance, increases the longevity of the craft, and, more importantly, makes it less detectable by air recognition. Like an aircraft, the Drass DG160 is fitted with all the weapons and equipment required for the mission, assuming the most appropriate configuration.

The Drass SDV DS4 is a highly effective, insidious and stealthy warfare submersible craft for sabotage and intelligence covert missions. The Drass DS Class SDV is designed to transport its offensive equipment and commandos/combat divers, from the operational base to the target, and to transport them back to the base once the mission is complete. It provides great support to commandos in terms of speed, endurance, comfort, carried volume and operation flexibility.

Continuously active since 1927 with the Galeazzi business line, Drass has extensive experience in manned underwater technology, establishing the world record for deep diving immersion with an atmospheric diving suit in 1937. Today Drass is an international leader in coercial diving, medical hyperbaric, midget and compact submarines, and vehicles for special forces.