Defense & Security Thailand 2019: REVA exhibits new armoured vehicles LAV & FAV

Reva, the South African armored vehicle manufacturer has exhibited two new vehicles at Defense & Security 2019 taking place in Bangkok from 18-21 November 2019. These two models are the launchpad for further vehicle sales in Southeast Asia.

Defense Security Thailand 2019 REVA exhibits new armoured vehicles LAV FAV 925 001
RAV Fast Attack Vehicle at Defense & Security Thailand 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

One was the FAV, which stands for Fast Attack Vehicle. Although it looks like a Jeep J-8, the design is entirely new, according to Mike Berry, the Thai country manager for Reva.

Transportable over land, sea, and air, the REVA FAV can be deployed in most clandestine operations where mobility, speed, and stealth are essential. The vehicle can run where trucks and APCs cannot operate.

The standard version of the REVA FAV has a 2 + 4 personnel seating payload. Ballistic protection is provided in the front and sides of the 3.S Cummins engine compartment, full belly protection as well as the fuel tank.

The vehicle can be up-armored with door panels, windows and a rear load bay armored canopy to provide a level B6 ballistic protection.

The REVA FAV can run at a maximum road speed of 150km/h, it is the ideal rapid response reaction vehicle to move Special Forces in a short time to a conflict area.
Excellent cross country off-road capability is achieved with the rugged suspension and the vehicle has a road-range of 800 km with fuel on board.

The main armament includes a ring mount weapon station armed with a 12,7mm machine gun as well as a 7,62mm weapon mount. In option, the vehicle can be armed with one 40mm grenade launchers and 60mm mortar. The vehicle can be also configured as command and control as well as a rapid response medical vehicle.

Defense Security Thailand 2019 REVA exhibits new armoured vehicles LAV FAV 925 002
RAV Logistical Armoured Vehicle at Defense & Security Thailand 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Also debuting at Defense & Security Thailand 2019 after being completed just a few months ago is the LAV, the Logistical Armoured Vehicle of the brand. The concept of Reva’s LAV is simple, to up-armor the cab of any truck type.

Each LAV cab is designed to suit the vehicle it is to be mounted on, such as 4x4 or 6x6 military trucks. Each armored cab is designed to offer ballistic and blast protection for occupants. Indeed, it can resist a 10kg mine blast.

The LAV on display in Bangkok was based on a Tata LPTA 715 4x4 truck from India. Indeed, the wider Reva product range utilizes these Tata chassis. The company buys finished trucks from Tata Motors and then utilizes its transmissions, engines, and chassis since it is cheaper to do it this way than to buy the subsystems individually.