Defense & Security Thailand 2019: Turkish company TEI promotes TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine for heavy drones

Tusas Motor Sanayii A.S. (Tusas Engine Industries, Inc.) from Turkey is strongly advertising its unique TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine designed for single-engine drones. The assets of such a solution are numerous but other engines are suitable for twin-engine drones.

Defense Security Thailand 2019 Turkish company TEI promotes TEI PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine for heavy drones 1
The TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine is designed for single-engine heavy drones (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The block and cylinder heads of the 4-inline cylinder, 2.1-litre displacement diesel engine is made in aluminum. In option, the engine can use JP8 or Jet A1 fuel. Weighing 165kg (dry), this water-cooled, Common Rail turbocharged engine develops 170 hp at 2,300 rpm. It burns less than 210g/kWh. The gearbox is pusher and puller compatible. The engine remains efficient up to a critical altitude of at least 20,000 ft but remains operational at 40,000 ft.

The advantages of this engine are a high power/weight ratio, its power capability at high altitude, its low fuel consumption, and its compact design.