DX Korea 2018: LIG Nex1 introduces integrated solutions for the future battlefield

LIG Nex1 participates in the Defense Expo Korea (DX Korea) 2018 held at Kintex Exhibition Center in South Korea from September 12 to 14.

DX Korea 2018 LIG Nex1 introduces integrated solutions for the future battlefield
LIG Nex1 is displaying wearable robot, multipurpose unmanned helicopter, 2.75” guided rocket, Anti tank guided missile ‘Ray bolt’ and other advanced defense solutions

DX Korea 2018 is a rising platform for land forces equipment exhibition in South Korea. It is exhibition specialized in land forces equipment in Korea and hosted by AROKA(Association of the Replblic of Korea Army) & co-organized by KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

LIG Nex1, focusing on developing future weapons systems led by robots and unmanned weapons, exhibits LEXO (wearable robot that enhances muscle strength) and multipurpose unmanned helicopter. The company expects to introduce its advanced technological competence in the future battlefield.

Also LIG Nex1 displays state-of-the-art products including guided rocket capable of striking multiple high-speed hover crafts and landing crafts(2.75” Guided Rocket), Anti tank guided missile (Ray bolt), radar system capable searching, detecting and locating enemy artillery shells (Weapon Locating Radar-II), Three-dimensional radar that detects enemy’s air attack from low altitude (Short-range Air Defense Radar), Software defined Radio(SDR) and other advanced defense solutions. And LIG Nex1 introduces Mode-5 IFF with enhanced security and performance.

Mr. Jichan Kim, the CEO of LIG Nex1, has expressed his commitment towards the Global market. “We look forward to introducing LIG Nex1's defense solutions optimized for future battlefields through DX Korea 2018."