ExpoDefensa 2019: Leonardo showcases its full range of defense products in the fields of Land Air Navy

Leonardo, a global leader in the Defense and Security industry is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of products and systems covering the land, naval, air and cyber domains, at Expodefensa 2019, the international defense and security exhibition that takes place in Bogota, Colombia.

Leonardo showcases its full range of defense products in the fields of Land Air Navy ExpoDefena 2019 925 001
Leonardo booth at ExpoDefensa 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

At the booth of Leonardo, the company showcases a scale model of a C27J Spartan, a versatile aircraft, already in operation in Peru and Mexico, which can be employed for a large range of missions including humanitarian assistance, medical evacuations, the monitoring of illegal activities and support for firefighting duties in remote areas and high altitude airports.

Also the Leonardo booth there is a model of an M-346 Fighter Attack (FA), a light combat aircraft that can meet the most demanding requirements of Air Forces in the region. The M-346FA, equipped with Leonardo’s own Grifo-346 multi-mode fire control radar, is a cost-effective, multi-role light fighter for the modern battlefield.

Leonardo is also marketing its M-345 aircraft in the region, the ideal basic-advanced training solution for Air Forces. The aircraft offers jet performance at acquisition and operational costs compared to its turboprop competitors with a much wider envelope covering from ab-initio to advanced training operations, and integrated cutting-edge Integrated Training System (ITS) technology derived from the Leonardo M-346 program.

Leonardo showcases its full range of defense products in the fields of Land Air Navy ExpoDefena 2019 925 002
Leonardo KRONOS® GRAND radar (Picture source Leonardo)

At the Leonardo booth, the Company also displays radar systems based on AESA technology, including the KRONOS® GRAND mobile, a multifunctional radar suitable for air defence and coastal surveillance requirements, and the Grifo-E fire control radar for combat aircraft.

The KRONOS® GRAND radar, fully exploiting the C-band Active Electronic Scanning Antenna (AESA), performs Surveillance, Tracking, Threat Evaluation and Fire Control against multiple threats, at the same time and automatically by scanning the beam both in azimuth and elevation (Multifunctional Capability). It detects and tracks all types of air and maritime threat, such as aircraft, high-speed missiles, low-level UAVs, hovering helicopters, rockets and artillery blasts, as well as vessels and small, stealth boats.

Leonardo showcases its full range of defense products in the fields of Land Air Navy ExpoDefena 2019 925 003
Leonardo Falco Xplorer remotely-piloted aircraft system (Picture source Leonardo)

In the field of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Leonardo is promoting as well its new Falco Xplorer, which is ideal for maritime patrol. The new drone features a payload capacity of 350kg, more than 24 hours flight time and a satellite communications capability for beyond-radio-line-of-sight operations, all within a 1.3-ton maximum take-off weight (MTOW).

Expodefensa is an opportunity for Leonardo to present its AW139 helicopter, the benchmark for safety, performance and multi-role capabilities in challenging operational conditions all over the world. The AW139 is in-service with government agencies and armed forces for homeland security, utility and law enforcement/rescue roles around the world. Over 400 Leonardo helicopters fly in Latin America, including for government and military operations.

Leonardo is well known in Colombia, where the Company has been playing an active role providing helicopters, defense systems and air traffic control (ATC) primary and secondary radars and systems, which, in the last decades, have represented over 50% of Colombian ATC systems.

The Company is also able to meet the growing need for cybersecurity in Colombia and the wider Latin American region, with its extensive experience in providing information assurance and cybersecurity solutions.