FEINDEF 2019: TRIUM-DRS unveils Cerberus 30mm, 40mm remotely controlled turret

Cerberus is a versatile remotely controlled weapon station developed by TRIUM-DRS for all-weather operations, incorporating the latest technology in ballistic calculation, optronics, radar signature reduction and man-machine interface.

FEINDEF 2019 TRIUM DRS unveils Cerberus 30mm 40mm remotely controlled turret
TRIUM-DRS' Cerberus remotely controlled turret mounted on an M113 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This system is specially designed to be installed in a simple way on armored vehicles, minimizing the penetration in the hull. It combines an advanced fire control system with high-precision, long-distance shooting.

Cerberus operates with a 30mm or 40mm automatic cannon and with a coaxial machine gun, either 12.7mm or 7.62mm. Additionally, it is equipped with a retractable antitank missile launcher and a double vision system: one panoramic and one combat system, both with interchangeable functions.