IDEF 2019: Aselsan MUAS Mini Unmanned Aerial System for reconnaissance and surveillance

The Turkish Company Aselsan has developed the MUAS (Mini Unmanned Aerial System), a fixed-wing unmanned aerial systems especially designed to perform of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence operations to safeguard infrastructure, borders, bases and natural resources with its flexible Mini Gimbal camera, covering distances in a very short time thanks to its high speed.

Aselsan MUAS Mini Unmanned Aerial System for reconnaissance and surveillance IDEF 2019 925 001
Aselsan MUAS Mini Unmanned Aerial System (Picture source: Aselsan)

The MUAS (Mini Unmanned Aerial System) is a compact, lightweight, fixed-wing aircraft system and composed of autopilot, payload and ground control station. The Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance missions can be accomplished with the 2-axis stabilized gimbal which is designed in order to fulfill all the tactical requirements and has a modular design which enables the user to swap between different cameras (EO/IR) on the field easily.

The fully autonomous system can be launched by hand and recovered by parachute or on its fuselage. The system can be carried by two personnel and consists of two Airplanes (including payload and autopilot) and one Ground Control Station.

The MUAS weights less than 8 kilograms. With an endurance of 2 hours in the air, 15.000-meter range and a top speed of 130 km/h, MUAS could perform multiple checks of a single location in a large area during the mission.

The MUAS is a flexible vehicle as it allows conventional landing on its hull or could be parachuted to a specific location for landing. It is hand thrown or catapulted for faster and longer endurance for take-off. The lightweight built makes it easy to carry and ready to use when required. With its fast response and flexibility, MUAS makes a good companion for security and emergency response teams.