IDEF 2019: Aselsan showcases IHTAR counter-UAS system

Designed to counter lightest, smallest and the least detectable air platforms within Air Defence domain, IHTAR keeps users safe against the most devious threats coming “out of the blue”. Being in the market for a relatively short period, IHTAR proves itself to be a perfect fit for evolving drone threats in a wide range of use concepts. IDEF 2019 marks a further step for IHTAR as it will leave its footprints on counter-UAS market with additional capabilities coming in 2019 and 2020.

IDEF 2019 Aselsan showcases IHTAR counter UAS system
IHTAR System (Picture source: Army Recognition)

IHTAR System provides efficient protection thanks to its seamless integrated design of detection (radar), tracking (radar & electro-optic), decision making – threat evaluation (C2) and preemptive (jammer) subsystem and capabilities.

IHTAR uses ACAR Radar as primary search and track sensor. ACAR has the capacity to detect and follow mini and micro UAVs under all weather conditions during day and night. It has multiple and automatic target tracking in 360° continuous or sectoral sweeping with classification capability for low false alarm rates. The electro-optic suite provides an additional eye for the operator for identification and auto-tracking in complex environments. IHTAR uses GERGEDAN RF Jamming System to interfere radio controlled devices, radios, GPS/GLONASS receivers, Wi-Fi, ISM Bands, GSM900/1800, 3G and 4G frequencies. IHTAR C2 software is consisting of state-of-the-art algorithms for fast and accurate decision-making given that the threat may give damage within seconds after being detected.

IHTAR, with the evolving nature of threats, bringing in new capabilities in 2019 and 2020 as to integrate with hard-kill effectuators and Direction-Finding Systems. This will further increase IHTAR’s effectivity eliminating a wider variety of UAS threats and help security forces findoperators who control these UAS.

IHTAR is currently in deployed by a number defense and security forces in Turkey and in several international customers, applications ranging from force to VIP protection, critical infrastructure security to mobile rapid deployment.