IDEF 2019: Aselsan showcases SARP-ZAFER for the first time

The new member of ASELSAN’s Remote Controlled Weapon Systems Family, SARP-ZAFER will be showcased for the first time in IDEF 2019.

IDEF 2019 Aselsan showcases SARP ZAFER for the first time
SARP-ZAFER (Picture source: Army Recognition)

ASELSAN, the leading defense systems manufacturer of Turkey, is also among the top producers of Remote Weapon Systems in the world league, with its production capacity of more than 100 systems per month and with its exports to 18 countries throughout the world. Today, over 3000 Remote Weapon Systems of ASELSAN are successfully being used by the Armed Forces of many different countries, the most of them are field proven as they are being actively used in counter terror operations in Turkey.

The main feature of SARP-ZAFER is that it allows troops to change or load the ammunition from inside of the vehicle, without any need to go outside of the armor protection, which provides the main advantage in the battlefield, counter-fire against asymmetric threats under rather safe conditions.

According to the information received from the company, the system is developed to be used with small and medium caliber machine guns and can detect the direction, range and coordinates of hostile fire, thanks to the integrated Gunshot Detection System.

With its high hit accuracy, the system is designed to be integrated to any type of wheeled or tracked armored vehicles, can be used as stationary to protect critical assets or can be used wireless mounted on unmanned vehicles.

Through its advanced electro-optical suite and fire control computer, the system provides automatic target tracking and detection functions in all day/night weather conditions as well as high accuracy ballistic calculation that results in very high first round hit probability.

Among the other members of ASELSAN’s Remote Controlled Weapon Systems, SARP-DUAL which can be equipped with two weapons at the same time, SARP-NSV equipped with a Russian origin 12.7 mm NSV machine gun and SARP-L integrated with smaller sized machine guns can be specified.