IDEF 2019: Roketsan showcases Yatagan, its new laser guided miniature missile system

Roketsan is present at IDEF 2019 (Turkey) to showcase its products and services, including Yatagan, their laser-guided miniature missile system.

IDEF 2019 Roketsan showcases Yatagan its new laser guided miniature missile system
Yatagan (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Yatagan Laser Guided Miniature Missile system can be fired using new generation man-portable 40 mm grenade launcher and has a greater effective range than the maximum range of existing grenade launcher ammunition. Lightweight and small size missile enable the integration of the system with mini unmanned aerial vehicles.

Its brings precision, range and target oriented firepower to urban warfare.

With its 40 mm diameter and less than 40 cm length, the miniature missile has a maximum range of 1000 m, for an accuracy of 1 m. It can be used on different platforms: grenade launchers, mini unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned surface vehicles.