IDEX 2019: CATIC presents the A-HAWK I VTOL UAV

There was a big presence of Chinese companies during IDEX 2019, and some of them brought interesting concept such as CATIC'S ( China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation ) A-Hawk I intended for fire emergency.

idex 2019 china catic a hawk i vtol uav
The A-HAWK I was demontrated at IDEX with a Electro-Optical equipment

The A-HAWK I is a 8-rotors electrical VTOL UAV, it adopts advanced control system and software with stable and reliable in-flight performance. The platform is endowed with high environmental adaptability, it can carry multiple mission payloads. Especiallly designed foor high rise fire fighting scenarion, usually it takes a long time for large-scale fire-fighting vehicles to enter the fire zone, buildings, to conducts fire-fighting operations.

When the fire source is in the hightest floors, it brings additional difficulties for the fire-fighting services to get to it. However, as a flying platform, the A-HAWK I can approach more easily the fire spot and control it for a short period of times, enabling more heavy duty equipment to get on-site.

Obviously, the A-HAWK I can be fitted with different type of payloads such as electro-optical equipments for surveillance and more. The A-HAWK I has a 30min endurance, a maximum altitude of 3km, cruising speed of 60km/h, weights 100kg and can carry a payload of 65kg.