InstantEye Robotics announces extended range, endurance, and payload capacity Mk-3 sUAS systems

InstantEye Robotics announces the availability of new extended range, endurance, and payload capacity variants of the InstantEye Mk-3 family of Group I sUAS systems.

InstantEye Robotics announces extended range endurance and payload capacity Mk 3 sUAS systems
Mk-3 GEN4-D1 (HL) (Picture source: InstantEye Robotics)

The InstantEye Mk-3 GEN4-D1 (ISR) is a long-endurance variant of the Mk-3 GEN4D- aircraft platform. The ISR variant uses proprietary battery chemistry, incorporated in purpose-built cell designs, with demonstrated flight times exceeding 50 minutes and organic ISR capability (thermal and 5MP E/O video) sensors. The system provides either the Tactical Standoff (640 x 480 thermal and 4x E/O) or Close Area Target Reconnaissance (10X E/O) payloads in its ISR configuration. Its folding prop design enables a highly packable 12 x 12-inch footprint, and its high rate charger maintains operational readiness without sacrificing cycle life or safety. Successful operations at the Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX 19-3), conducted at Camp Roberts, CA in April 2019, 1) demonstrated communications at 7.5 km effective range, 2) automated transit to a 2 km distant location, and 3) the conduct of covert surveillance on that site from a standoff distance of 500 meters with over 30 minutes on station.

The InstantEye Mk-3 GEN5 system is an even more compact soldier-borne asset with the same organic thermal and E/O capability as the Mk-3 GEN4D systems. During JIFX 19-3 this system demonstrated an operational range of 4.5 km, stable flight through wind conditions exceeding 20 mph, and a 27-minute flight endurance time with its new battery configuration. The system has demonstrated the ability to reach an altitude exceeding 6,000 ft. AGL.

The heavy-lift variant of the Mk-3 GEN4-D1 (HL) system demonstrated delivery of a 3 lb. explosive charge to a simulated IED, ~100 meters distant, while trailing Shock Tube Initiator (STI). The charge was reproducibly placed within 6 inches of the IED, providing the capability to rapidly and remotely inspect and defeat the device.

“This capability allows the user to continuously observe named areas of interest, prosecute fire missions, and actionable influence wide (>100 km2) areas of the battlespace, day or night, from a rucksack, without relying on low density, high demand, and high-cost assets” said Mike Mackiewicz, InstantEye’s Director, Defense Technology Operations. “With an ability to operate in all weather and locations, it is an unmatched tactical enabler with operational effects.”

InstantEye Robotics is a division of Physical Sciences Inc., both located in Andover Massachusetts. InstantEye Robotics is a global leader in tactical unmanned aircraft systems. When customers need a reliable, portfolio-manageable, multi-mission system, they choose InstantEye.