Russian Southern Military District receives Shturm-S antitank missiles

Troops of the Southern Military District (YuVO) have received more than 10 units of the Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank missile systems, YuVO’s press service said.

Russian coastal defense receives over 10 Shturm S antitank missile systems
9K114 Shturm-S ATGM system mounted on 9P149 MT-LB launching vehicle (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

"The new system is designed to destroy armored vehicles and fortified targets. It can be mounted on infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and helicopters. The high-tech control equipment of the Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank missile systems makes it possible to fire shots without reducing the probability of hitting the target in conditions of active adversary countermeasure," it said.

YuVO’s formations and military units have received more than 220 units of military, automotive and specialized hardware in 2019. The tank units have received two dozens of T-72B3 tanks while more than 40 BTR-82A armored personnel carriers and over 20 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles have come in service with motorized rifle formations. About 10 helicopters, including Mi-28N, Mi-28UB and Mi-35M, have been delivered to the air units. The Black Sea Fleet has received the Ivan Antonov minesweeper of project 12700 while the Tornado-S salvo fire missile battalion has been delivered to artillery formations.

YuVO’s troops are expected to receive more than 1,200 units of weapons and military hardware in 2019. The share of modern pieces of military hardware will exceed 66% due to the fulfillment of the annual rearmament plan.

Shturm-S is a self-propelled anti-tank missile system. It comprises a combat vehicle, a Shturm guided missile, maintenance equipment and training facilities. The Shturm guided missiles can carry blast and cumulative warheads. Thanks to the Pyl mounted system, Shturm-S can see targets irrespective of weather and meteorological conditions and difficult terrain. This makes it possible to shoot at any small-size armored targets and helicopters in hovering and approach regimes. Shturm-S has undergone modernization and is now able to fire at night.

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