Russian military base in Abkhazia receives new Tigr-M vehicles, Sobolyatnik radar stations

The Russian military base in Abkhazia has received ten newest Tigr-M armored vehicles, the Southern Military District (YuVO) said. And "Ten modern Sobolyatnik portable artillery reconnaissance radar stations have been supplied to the formation as part of a rearmament plan," YuVO’s press service said.

Russian military base in Abkhazia receives new Tigr M vehicles Sobolyatnik radar stations
Tigr-M (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Tigr-M vehicles are designed to conduct reconnaissance operations, escort and protect convoys, carry out patrol operations and provide fire support for servicemen. An upgraded Tigr has fifth-class ballistic protection in a frontal area and third-class ballistic protection in the side and stern projected areas. A special communication system is installed inside. A revolving turret for the Kord and Pecheneg machineguns and the AGS-17 Plamya grenade launchers is installed on the roof. The vehicle is equipped with automatic tire pressure regulation, a fire-extinguishing system, a prestart heater and a self-recovery winch. The Tigr-M unladen weight is 6.5 tons. Its range is 1,000 km. The maximum speed can exceed 120 km/h.

Sobolyatnik is a set of devices which can be carried by several people and quickly assembled into a single unit. The radar weighs a total of 36 kg and can be operated by two men. It can detect mobile and stationary objects of various size and trajectory parameters at a distance of 30 km. The radar can automatically analyze target parameters, determine its class and distinguish troops and hardware. It can simultaneously track 20 air targets. New technologies and technical solutions increased faultless non-stop operating time to 2,000 hours.