Belarus rebuilds Kalashnikov firearms

The Belarusian defense industry has begun rebuilding Kalashnikov assault rifles and light machineguns in order to enhance their performance, a source from the holding Belspetsvneshtekhnika (BSVT), the country`s largest arms manufacturer, told TASS.

Belarus rebuilds Kalashnikov firearms
Modified AKMs and RPKs were unveiled at MILEX 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"We have initiated some works to increase the effectiveness of the Belarusian military`s small arms. To this end, we are rebuilding Kalashnikov ARs and LMGs," said the source. According to him, the rebuilt firearms feature bull-pup layout, with their magazines located behind firing mechanisms. "The switch from the traditional layout [with firing mechanism behind the magazine] to the bull-pup design has allowed us to double the accuracy of the weapons," said the source, adding that such a rebuilding did not entail considerable expenses. "We have retained all the main components of the weapons, mounting only rubber butt-plates," he added.

The BSVT has already upgraded the Kalashnikov AKM 7.62 mm AR and the Kalashnikov RPK 7.62 mm LMG. "The company has tested the prototypes of the firearms. The manufacturing of a larger batch for state further trials is now being considered," said the source. According to him, the rebuilt weapons were recently showcased to the members of Belarus` top military authorities.

The modified AKM and RPK were unveiled at the MILEX 2019 defense exhibition held in Minsk from May 15-18.

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