MILEX 2019: OKB TSP revealed its universal combat platform

The Belarusian company OKB TSP demonstrated its universal combat platform for the first time ever at the defense technology expo MILEX 2019

MILEX 2019 OKB TSP revealed its universal combat platform
Universal combat platform, by OKTB TSP (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The platform is designed to transport modules for various applications.

It conveniently accommodates the crew, protects them from bullets, shrapnel, and mines. The platform also offers solutions to communication, navigation, and control tasks and can be fitted with a staff module or a combat module with a choice of weapons.

It can also be fitted with a sanitary module to provide first aid and evacuate injured personnel.

OKB TSP is an innovative company that offers profound modernization of existing weapons and military hardware in addition to pursuing military R&D and military science research.