Milipol Paris 2019: Nexter Titus Homeland Security new vehicles for SWAT team operations

Nexter, a KNDS company, European leader in the defense industry exhibits at MILIPOL Paris 2019, the International Homeland Security and Safety exhibition in Paris, France. The Company showcases its latest products and solutions of equipment specifically developed and designed for the needs of modern security and police forces.

Milipol Paris 2019 Nexter Titus Homeland Security new vehicles for SWAT team operations
TITUS Homeland Security (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Nexter offers versatile, reliable and innovative solutions that meet the operational requirements of its customers. The group has a range going from armoured vehicles to artillery systems and also masters strategic sub-assemblies, such as weapon systems and ammunition or robots and embedded electronic systems.

In a security context characterized by the threat of terrorism and organized crime, security forces express a clear need for increasingly sophisticated systems and equipment. The Nexter group has been involved with security forces since 2015.

At the booth of Nexter, visitors can see a specific version of the TITUS, a 6x6 armored vehicle which has been configured for security and police forces. The TITUS Homeland Security was used to protect the COP 21 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) and is also used by the RAID French police intervention unit.

The Homeland Security variant of the TITUS armored vehicle features many accessories mounted outside or inside vehicle especially designed for the missions of SWAT TEAM unit including additional armour protection and additional steps mounted on each side of the vehicle. To increase the observation capabilities of the SWAT team, the TITUS Homeland Security can be equipped with unmanned ground vehicle and UAV (Unmanned Aerial vehicle) that can be controlled from inside of the vehicle.

Ground and aerial robots can be used by SWAT team to provide critical monitoring of any high-risk situation where decisions need to be made quickly and can remain on-station to stream live multicast video to officers and command posts simultaneously.

In case of hostage situations of terrorist attacks, which are the most dangerous operations for police officers, an aerial or ground perspective can help officers gain critical situational awareness while maintaining a safe standoff distance.