Milipol Paris 2019: Nexter unveils scale model of Serval Gendarmerie Internal Security Protected Vehicle

At Milipol Paris, French Company Nexter, a subdivision of the German-French defense technology group KNDS, unveils a scale model of a new generation of wheeled law enforcement protected vehicle based on the Serval 4x4 armored, part of the SCORPION program (Synergie du contact renforcée par la polyvalence et l'infovalorisation), which also includes the VBMR Griffon 6x6 multirole armored vehicle and EBRC Jaguar 6x6 reconnaissance armored vehicle, which will be produced by the Nexter, Arquus and Thales consortium.

Nexter unveils scale model of Serval Gendarmerie Internal Security Protected Vehicle 925 001
Scale model of Serval Gendarmerie displayed at the booth of Nexter Systems at Milipol Paris 2019, International Homeland Security and Safety Exhibition. (Picture source Army Recognition)

According to recent news, the French Gendarmerie would like to replace old Berliet VXB-170 also called VBRG (Véhicule Blindé à roues de la Gendarmerie - wheeled armored vehicle of Gendarmerie) with a new vehicle that could respond to the new threats for the use on the national territory but also for deployment outside of France.

The VBRG is a 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle used primarily as an Internal security vehicle by the armored unit of the French Gendarmerie. A total of 155 vehicles were procured from 1974 for the French Gendarmerie, of which about 70 remain in service in continental France, Corsica, and the French overseas territories. They have been also deployed by the French Gendarmerie in Kosovo and Ivory Coast.

The VXB-170 / VBRG is fitted with a small turret mounted at the front of the roof that can be armed with a 7.62mm machine gun. The turret has a traverse of 360° and the armament has elevation from -15° to +60º. The gunner has a 360° situational awareness thanks to the use of day observation periscopes mounted all-around the turret. The vehicle can carry a total of 12 military personnel including driver and commander.

The scale model of the Serval Gendarmerie presented on the booth of Nexter at Milipol Paris 2019, shows that this version is very similar to the vehicle that will be built for the French Army but featuring some components and accessories for law enforcement/internal security vehicle. The roof of the vehicle is fitted with a turret equipped with cameras and day vision systems on 360°.

A dozer-blade is mounted at the front of the vehicle that can be used to remove debris or obstacle up to 6 tons. The Serval also offers a high level of ballistic protection against firing of small arms. Today police forces face new threats that require vehicles that could provide protection against the use of combat rifles as AK-47 used recently during terrorist attacks.

Like many other modern law enforcement vehicles, the Serval Gendarmerie can be fitted with observation devices as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as well as a wide range of non-lethal systems to perform anti-riot missions.

VXB 170 Berliet Renault 4x4 APC wheeled armored vehicle personnel carrier France French army gendarmerie 925 001
VXB-170 or VBRG 4x4 protected vehicle in service with the French Gendarmerie (Picture source Army Recognition)