Milipol Paris 2019: Rostaing showcases Scanforce, a hand-free metal detector

Rostaing is present at Milipol Paris 2019 and showcases Scanforce, its handy metal detector, simply incorporated in a glove or bracelet.

Milipol Paris 2019 Rostaing showcases Scanforce a hand free metal detector
Many events and locations are secured with Scanforce: The Eiffel Tower, the Rouen Armada 2019, Roland Garros, the French Penitentiary Administration, foreign embassies, but also the Security of the mining industries, the Security of maritime cruise passengers…(Picture source: Rostaing)

ROSTAING SCANFORCE  system is a miniaturized metal detector entirely incorporated in a glove or bracelet It allows informing, discreetly with vibration, the presence of metal when checking or physical pat down Invisible, light, hands free, this French innovation revolutionizes security checks and contributes to increase the value of security officers interventions.

The various prizes obtained by the ROSTAING SCANFORCE system:

- SCANFORCE  enabled ROSTAING to win the prestigious SME of the Year 2019 for the South East Region Award at the PME RMC Awards, which reward the work of SMEs that make France move and contribute to the economy dynamism.
- Preventica 2018 Innovation Award in the “Safety and Security” category, assigned to the most relevant innovative products and services in the field of security.

- Innovation Trophy in the “Think Outside the Box” category at the 2017 Security Meetings. This prize rewarded the innovative and creative approaches that are revolutionizing the sector. The flagship criterion was the most relevant approach in terms of social, societal and human innovation. The jury was composed of 11 private security and safety stakeholders.

- Gold medal in the “Tools and innovative security services” of the 2017 Security Trophies, awarded by a jury of 20 personalities from the security world.

- Silver Medal at the 2017 Milipol Innovation Awards, which recognizes the most innovative industrialists in the States internal security sector, in terms of products, equipment, services, solutions or business models.

ROSTAING has thus developed a complete range of gloves and accessories for hands free metal invisible detectors, perfectly adapted to the operations of control by the army, police, embassies, customs, transport, airports, sports events, festivals, exhibitions, fan zones…

SCANFORCE is an invisible and silent metal detector glove, of French design and technology. The SCANFORCE gloved hands have fast action, which makes control and filtration more efficient.

With or without physical contact and a detection sensitivity distance of 1 to 6 cm, it enables the operator to focus on his action. With SCANFORCE , hands are free to intervene if the situation requires it: handcuffing, immobilization techniques, use of weapons…

Thanks to an extreme subtlety of detection, SCANFORCE is able to detect a handgun, a knife, but also a needle, a steel clip, a paper clip…

During the inspection, a vibration discreetly alerts the wearer of the gloves, not the controlled person, which means that he is one step ahead in case of intervention.


- SCANFORCE SP : Reinforced model for interventions. Crowd control operations, demonstrations, security civil and military installations, transport security.

- SCANFORCE  VE : Mittens model. All fields of operations, military controls in checkpoint areas, securing places and access to “sensitive sites “, ministries and embassies.

- SCANFORCE  BL : Blade protection. During “fan zone” access controls sports events, festivals, prison….

- SCANFORCE  GP : City cut model. Controls and securing access, public places, large buildings, shops and concert venues.

- SCANFORCE  LG : Palpation assistant. Sensitive access controls (events, stadiums, etc.).

- SCANFORCE  BR : Non contact detection. Wristband model for all staff during the operations of controls, safety and protection.