Milipol Paris 2019: The new Teledyne ICM real-time X-Ray inspection GO-SCAN C-VIEW

Belgian Company Teledyne ICM, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of portable X-Ray generators for the NDT (Non Destructive Testing) market, unveils its new Portable X-Ray Detector "GO-SCAN C-VIEW" at Milipol Paris 2019, the International Homeland Security and Safety Exhibition.

The new Teledyne ICM real time X Ray inspection GO SCAN C VIEW 925 001
New Teledyne ICM Real-Time X-Ray Inspection system GO-CAN C-VIEW unveiled at Milipaol Paris 2019, International Homeland Security and Safety Exhibition. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Go-Scan C-view is a lightweight ruggedized live video X-ray imaging system specifically designed for hand-held inspection. It includes high speed and high-resolution CMOS imager and a battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation.

This lightweight and the ruggedized system is battery operated for field operations. The video imaging system captures images and displays them on a handheld display in real-time. It allows first responders to have instant views of the inside of suspicious items on an integrated display.

The Go-Scan C-view is very easy to use, and its integrated display offers a high resolution of images that can save time and live in critical situations.

Part of the American group Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Teledyne ICM is a worldwide-active company specialized in the development and manufacturing of portable X-Ray generators and scanners for Security purposes and Non-Destructive Testing.

The portfolio of exceeds 30 different products, including the now well-known portable X-Ray generator SITEX and SITEX CP ranges, as well as the security detectors FLATSCAN, the lightest X-ray imaging tool available on the market. Featuring a 15" width active area, this X-ray scanner is particularly effective in narrow or unreachable spaces and offers a detailed X-ray image for immediate and accurate decision making.

With close to 50 staff including engineers, physicists, sales and marketing professionals, as well as highly trained technicians, Teledyne ICM is more than ever, the leading company when it comes to meeting the X-Ray needs of a wide variety of users.