MSPO 2019: WZM SA and Pozna SA modifications and support for Leopards 2A5 MBT

At MSPO 2019 International Defense Industry Exhibition, Wojskowe Zaklady Motoryzacyjne SA with STOMIL Poznan present their original modification package for Leopard 2A5 MBTs (Main Battle Tanks), which increases their effectiveness and at the same time guarantees the unification and Polonization of modern solutions introduced.

MSPO 2019 WZM SA and Poznan SA modifications and support for Leopards 2A5 925 001
The modified Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A5 (Picture source Army Recognition)

 The modification of the Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank (MBT) presented in Kielce by WZM SA includes the replacement or modernization of the outdated systems and components that this tank has been equipped with. A significant part of them is no longer produced, which in practice makes the operation and service even more difficult.

The Leopard 2A5 went through a regeneration process. The first stage was to disassemble the wheels from the vehicle and verify their regeneration, remove the rubber bandage from the road wheel, weld the surface and to apply a new rubber bandage to the road wheel.

In order to unify the components and ensure independence in their production and servicing, it was decided to use the largest possible number of components of the production of the national defence industry, used in other weapon systems found in the Polish Armed Forces.

As part of the modification of the fire control system, thermal imagers (with line detectors representing the turn of the 1970s and 1980s) were replaced in the PERI-R17A2 and EMES-15A2 sight and sight devices for the third-generation KLW-1 Asteria thermal imaging cameras produced by PCO SA, with matrix detectors. This significantly improves the range of the field of view both day and night, and thus the effectiveness of the fire, including during movement. KLW-1 cameras are also installed on Leopard 2PL, PT-91 Twardy and modified T-72 tanks.

The modification of the external radio communication system consists of replacing the outdated SEM80 / SEM90 radio stations with modern RKP 8100 digital radio stations manufactured by OBR CTM SA. The outdated internal communication system, consisting of an analogue intercom, has been replaced by a digital domestic production system already used by the Polish Armed Forces. Up to now, the 7.63mm MG3 MG3 machine gun mounted on a special handle at the gunner's hatch was replaced by the 7.62mm UKM-2000P universal machine gun, and instead of the 7.62mm MG3A1 machine gun, the 7mm UKM-2000C was installed, 62 mm. Both rifles were designed and are produced by PGZ - ZM Tarnów SA

The modifications presented in this proposal are characterized by a favourable cost-effect ratio and focus on the replacement of outdated or oldest, and thus difficult and expensive elements in operation. Fulfilling the military demand for unification of spare parts allows for a significant reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in the technical efficiency of these tanks. All modification works will be carried out during planned services and repairs of Leopard 2A5 at WZM SA in Pozna?, at the Service and Logistics Center of Leopard 2 tanks.