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Enforce Tac 2019: SCHUBERTH displays its HM50 mask.

| 2019

SCHUBERTH, a German company specialised in the design and the building of helmets and visors, is displaying its new HM50 mask, which is a unique visor technology fitted on the P100N helmet (also made by SCHUBERTH).

Enforce Tac 2019 SCHUBERTH displays its HM50 mask
HM50 mask displayed at Enforce Tac 2019, Germany (Picture source : Army Recognition)

Designed and developed with and for the Zurich police, this unique visor technology is highly flexible, scratch and impact resistant, and fully optically correct across the whole field of view. Panoramic design of the visor gives its users excellent field of vision and wearer recognition. The helmet design also permits the minimisation of the heat build up, low inhalation resistance, and low re-breathed carbon dioxide.

The Vision Correction System of the HM50 mask allows for prescription lenses to be fitted in the mask, ranging from -8 to +10 Diopters in power. Flexible design allows assembly to fold inside the mask and lens height can be easily adjusted without need for special tools.

This system allows the use of clear outserts (for extreme environment), sunlight outserts (for high intensity light situations), blueblocker outserts (delivering sharper images by filtering out specific light wavelengths), and laser outserts (for protection against specific wavelengths).

The system is really quick to remove and can be installed on already existing helmets. SCHUBERTH clients that already acquired such helmets will thus be able to upgrade those with the HM50 mask.


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