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IDET 2019: BAE Systems showcases two CV90 variants.

| 2019

BAE Systems is showcasing two in-service variants of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle at this year’s International Defence and Security Technologies Fair (IDET) in Brno, Czech Republic on May 29-31.

CV90 Mjolner BAE Systems self propelled mortar carrier armored IDET 2019 925 001
The Mjölner variant of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, designated as CV90 Mjölner, at IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

With support from the Swedish FMV (Defence Materiel Administration), BAE Systems will display the vehicle-mounted mortar system Mjölner – a turret solution with two smoothbore 120mm gun barrels fixed on a CV90 – and an Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV). Both variants are currently in service with the Swedish Army.

CV90 Mjölner: Known as “the Hammer of Thor,” Mjölner increases the indirect fire support for mechanised battalions. Soldiers can field a capability well-adapted for the CV90, while enhancing the whole fleet’s firepower. This CV90 variant has a robust mechanical loading system that rapidly and reliably reloads in varied combat conditions. An elevation between 45 and 85 degrees allows targets to be effectively engaged over a wide range of distances and gives Mjölner a full 60-degree frontal engagement arch without the complexity and costs of powered turret rotation.

BAE Systems’ $86 million Mjolner programs to deliver 40 vehicle-mounted mortar systems for the Swedish Army’s CV90s started in December 2016. The first four vehicles were delivered to the FMV in February 2019 for training and validation, with the remaining deliveries scheduled to complete this fall. The program has proven successful to date and continues to meet milestones in the demanding schedule.

CV90 ARV armored recovery vehicle BAE Systems IDET 2019 925 001
The CV90 ARV Infantry Fighting Vehicle at IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

CV90 ARV: One of the original variants delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces, the ARV supports the CV90 fleet when Sweden is part of any international coalition. Combat-proven in NATO-led operations in Afghanistan and UN-led peace enforcement in Liberia, the ARV is also the backbone of everyday activities in diverse conditions within Swedish borders. With two winches, a light crane, and supreme mobility the ARV is often used to quickly recover heavy vehicles like Main Battle Tanks if they become bogged-down on the battlefield.

“The Mjölner and Armoured Recovery Vehicle are two of fifteen variants in the combat-proven CV90 family,” added Mikael Segerman, regional director at BAE Systems Hägglunds, the manufacturer of the CV90. “We’re pleased to have both vehicles here at IDET to support Sweden’s presence as the host nation this year and celebrate the spirit of Swedish-Czech cooperation in the defence industry.”

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