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USAF deployed its “Guardian Angels” in Turkey 40510152.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (USA)
USAF deployed its “Guardian Angels” in Turkey
The United States Air Force had deployed its Guardian Angels Weapons System personnel at Diyarbakir Air Base in Turkey. Combat rescue; pararescue; evasion, resistance and escape personnel, with HH-60G Pave Hawk and HC-130 platforms have arrived in support of the air operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
USAF deployed its Guardian Angels in Turkey
A pararescueman fast-ropes from an HH-60G helicopter (Source: USAF)

Their mission is to recover pilots that could be downed in hostile areas or in the middle of a combat. The US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa spokesman has declined to give details on which unit of the Guardian Angels is deployed to Turkey. One of the primary units in Europe is based at Lakenheath Air Force Base in the UK. However, there are several other ones around the world.

Such a combat rescue dedicated unit will boost the moral of the US and coalition pilots operating in Syria and Iraq. In December 2014, a Jordanian F-16 pilot was captured alive in Syria, after his aircraft crashed due to a mechanical failure. He was later executed by the ISIS terrorists.




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