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BIDEC 2019: Aselsan SARP-L light remote weapon station for tactical vehicle.

| 2019

Turkish Company Aselsan offers integration of stabilized advanced remote weapon station SARP-L on light armored and tactical vehicles. At BIDEC 2019, Aselan presents its SARP-L mounted on Toyota Land Cruiser to operate combat operations in urban area.

Aselsan SARP L light remote weapon station for tactical vehicle BIDEC 2019 925 001
Toyota Land Cruiser fitted with remote weapon station Aselsan SARP-L at BIDEC 2019, Bahrain International Defense Exhibition, Manama, October 28, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Toyota Land Cruiser first appeared in 1953. The vehicle was not designed to be used by military or security forces but due to its unsurpassed reliability, durability and great off-road performance it is widely used by various military and paramilitary units, non-governmental organizations and militant groups from all over the world.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is very popular in Africa, the Middle East and South America. re often converted into improvised fighting vehicles, armed with heavy machine guns, mounted on a tripod. These pickup trucks are used to carry weapons and supplies.

With the Aselsan Remote Weapon Station, the Toyota Land Cruiser can be now used to perform combat operations using a modern weapon platform. At BIDEC 2019, the SARP-L is integrated on the roof of the vehicle. All the firing operations can be controlled from inside of the vehicle thanks to the use of LCD screen and joystick to control the movement of the turret.

The Aselsan SARL-L is a fully stabilized weapon platform that can be armed with a 7.62mm or 5.56 mm machine gun. The turret can be used to shoot on the move against static or moving targets. The weapon station is fitted with a laser range finder, tracking system and Day/Night imaging system. The SARP-L has a total weight of 190 kg including the weapon system and interface control station. The turret can rotate in traverse axis 360° continuous with elevation from -30° to +70°.

Aselsan SARP L light remote weapon station for tactical vehicle BIDEC 2019 925 002

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