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FN Herstal from Belgium to deliver SCAR-H PR Precision Rifles 7.62 mm caliber to French Army.

| 2019

Belgian Company FN Herstal has confirmed its selection to supply FN SCAR-H PR precision rifle in 7.62x51 mm NATO caliber with fixed buttstock to the French Army in conjunction with the FPSA (Fusils de précision semi-automatique - Semi-Automatic Precision Rifle) program in France.

FN Herstal from Belgium to deliver SCAR H PR Precision Rifles 7.62 mm caliber to French Army 925 001
The FN Herstal FN SCAR®-H PR precision rifle in 7.62x51 mm NATO caliber will replace the old FR-F2 in service with the French army since 1986.

The FN SCAR-H PR precision rifle for the French Army will be delivered with Schmidt & Bender optics, sound suppressor, bipod, carrying bag and sets of accessories.

The contract for the FPSA program will also include the acquisition of 2,600 Semi-Automatic Precision rifles, 1,800 IL riflescopes, 1,000 thermal imaging systems and 6.3 million of 7.62×51 mm ammunitions. The Belgian company OIP Sensor Systems will supply the night vision optics.

The FPSA program was launched by the French army to replace the old FR-F2, currently, the standard sniper rifle of the French military since 1986. The FR-F2 is an upgrade from the earlier FR F1 sniper rifle. It was manufactured by MAS (an abbreviation of Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne - one of several government-owned arms factories in France).

The FR F2 is a bolt action rifle, chambered for the 7.62x51 mm (.308) ammunition. It is worth mentioning that the previous FR F1 was chambered for 7.5x54 mm ammunition.

The semi-auto or semi-auto/full auto 7.62x51mm (.308) FN SCAR-H TPR precision rifle with its heavy floating barrel and match grade trigger provides rapid shots on target even at long range. The long one-piece integrated top rail allows day and night optics to be fitted inline. A choice of buttstock options allows the rifle to be adapted to the user’s needs: a foldable buttstock (FN SCAR-H PR model) or fixed sniper-type buttstock (FN SCAR-H TPR model).

The FN SCAR-H PR precision rifle is derived from the FN SCAR assault rifle. The commonality of training and components throughout the FN SCAR family significantly simplifies and reduces costs for, operator training and maintenance. As for the standard SCAR assault rifle, the FN SCAR-H PR is a gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston) with a rotating bolt.

The FN SCAR-H PR incorporates features seldom found in a semi-auto or full-auto precision rifle. This rifle retains the same performances as an assault rifle at shorter ranges. The top of the receiver is fitted with a long one-piece top rail that allows in-line mounting of telescopic sight and night vision optics or night and day scopes. It can be fitted with two types of barrel length including 406.4mm (16") or 508mm (20"). It has a foldable buttstock, adjustable in length and height.

The FN SCAR-H PR uses 20 rounds magazine and has a weight of 4,5 kg maximum and a maximum length of 1,071 mm. The mechanical precision sights have range setting up to a distance of 600 m.

FN Herstal from Belgium to deliver SCAR H PR Precision Rifles 7.62 mm caliber to French Army 925 002

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