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LAAD 2019: TEI showcases its PD170 and TS1400 engines.

| 2019

At LAAD Defense and Security exhibition 2019 that is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Turkish company TEI is showcasing its latest products, including its TEI-PD170 and TEI-TS1400 engines.

LAAD 2019 TEI showcases its PD170 and TS1400 engines
The TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine on display at LAAD 2019, Brazil (Picture Source : Army Recognition)

TEI was founded in 1985 and now regroups not less than 2.000 employees working all around the world. The company is specialised in the production of engine parts, the assembly and test of such parts and even the engine design and product development. Being at LAAD 2019 is, according a company spokesman, a great opportunity to take contact with Brazilian and South American defense industry, seeking for partners and suppliers for the providing of auxiliary systems for their engines. It could also be the occasion to take contact with new customers in the South American region.

TEI focuses its activities on three main axes, which are the engine part and module manufacturing (rotating parts, modules, structural parts, ...), engine assembly and test (mainly through its high technology assembly facility), and engine design and product development (such as the TEI-PD170 and the TEI-TS1400 engines).

As part of this third axe, TEI has launched lots of various projects, including the TEI-TJ35 turbojet engine, the TEI-TP38 turboprop engine, the TEI-TJ90 turbojet engine, the TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine, and the TEI-TS1400 turboshaft engine (these two last engines are both displayed on TEI's booth at LAAD).

The TEI-PD170 turbodiesel aviation engine is an engine designed to be fitted in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and more precisely in medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs such as the Turkish Aerospace Industries' ANKA MALE UAV in which it has been successfully tested on December 27 of 2018. This engine has a high power and a high power/weight ratio. Moreover, this engine does use less fuel when flying at high altitudes. In addition to that, the engine has a compact design and has a power increase potential up to 220+HP.

As for the TEI-TS1400, the engine is a turboshaft engine destined to be used by helicopters. The engine has a service ceiling reaching about 20.000 feat and an output shaft speed of up to 23.000 RPM. The engine is still in its project phase and is scheduled to be ready for production in about one year.


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