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Russia’s Tecmash to upgrade Tornado-G Multiple Launch Rocket System.

| 2019

The Tecmash Group, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation, is carrying out work to upgrade the 122mm Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), Group CEO Vladimir Lepin told TASS.

Russias Tecmash to upgrade Tornado G Multiple Launch Rocket System 925 001
The Tornado-G MLRS (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Considering the high technical capabilities of the MLRS and its new-generation rockets, we believe that both the Tornado-S and the Tornado-G systems have good prospects for being promoted to global markets. Moreover, we move forward. We are currently carrying out work to further upgrade the 122mm Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system," Lepin said.

At the Army 2019 international military and technical forum in June, Rostec showed the advanced OU-122 guidance system for 122mm MLRS projectiles, which increases fire precision to 10 meters.

The Tornado-G MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System ) is an improved version of the standard Russian-made 122mm BM-21 rocket launcher system based on a Kamaz or Ural-4320 truck. The Tornado-G has been made to be fully automatic. The operating crew has been reduced to three men compare to the six-man crew of the BM-21 Grad. Previously, the BM-21 could be loaded only from the rear and there was no automation system. The Tornado-G was intended to replace the old BM-21 Grad rocket launcher system. The Tornado-G is three times more efficient than its predecessors. Currently, the Tornado-G is in service with the Russian army since 2011. The Tornado-G was demonstrated for the first time during a military exercise in 2012.

The system automatically determines the location and the optimal trajectory for 122mm rockets. Precise guidance is ensured by adjusting data from the inertial navigational guidance system with GLONASS and GPS satellite signals.

The OU-122 system is fully compatible with 122mm rockets of the Tornado-G, Tornado-S, and Grad systems. The device is mounted on the organic detonator right before combat engagement.

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