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SOFINS 2019: Groupe Marck showcases 2 product innovations.

| 2019

Groupe Marck, a french manufracturing group that designs, manufactures and sells uniform and equipment solutions in France and worldwide,  showcases 2 product innovations during SOFINS 2019 in France.

SOFINS 2019 Groupe Marck showcases 2 product innovations
Front view of the FAST630 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

SAFE 275+ is a multi-use, modular positive buoyancy vest that has been developped according to standard ISO 12402-2. With a buoyancy of 275 Newton, the vest has the highest level capable of supporting 23kg of equipment.

The secured vesst has three trigger systems:
- Automatic: starch capsule. The wearer falls into water, water penetrates the cover and dissolves the starch in the cartridge. Once dissolved, the hammer perforates the CO2 cartridge which releases the gas inside the bladder
- Manual: trigger handle. The wearer activates a trigger handle located at the chest. This handle directly actovates the hammer to inflate the bladder.
- Oral: mouthpiece. The wearer opend the cover using the quick-open zip fastening and uses the mouthpiece to inflate the bladder with ther breath. This is for emergency or top-up inflation.

The multi-use vest has two attchments systems:
- It can be attached to M.O.L.L.E. vests – bulletproof vests plate carrier vests, tactical vests.
- Or alone with its harness attachment system.

Safe 275+ is a patendted system that has been specially designed to counter perforation risks (bullets, cuts, etc.) trough the small amount of surface it occupies.
Located at the nape of the neck, it is no way impedes the movements of the user and provides discreet protection. This ergonomic design, coupled with its lightness, give its indisputable qualities for the most critical missions.

FAST 360 is a plate carier with a patented quick release system (QRS).
Simple to use, the system enables the plate carrier to be instantly released: it can be used in one hand and one click with a simple action on the trigger handle (ambidextrous). The plate carrier opens fullly with no additional action necessary.

FAST 360 has been designed to facilitate the fast removal of a plate carrier in critical situation such as drowning, strategic retreat or uin the event of injury during an operation.

Four modular covers: front, back and sides for optimal mobility. Compatible with all SAPI/ESAPI shape plates: the 25x30 cm plate carrier provides 360° protection with rigid Stand-Alone ballistics plates to insert in each cover.

Once the QRS has been activated, reassembling the plate carrier is quick and easy: less than 1 minute.

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