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TAG delivers Terrier LT-79 armored cars to Lybian general Haftar.

| 2019

Despite the UN arms embargo, the American armored vehicle manufacturer TAG and its Libyan partner Ismail Al-Shtewi have supplied several vehicles to rebel Libyan general Khalifa Haftar, African Intelligence reports. The LNA's 106th Brigade was able to take delivery of four Terrier LT-79 armored troop carriers.

UN supplier TAG supplies Terrier LT 79 armored cars to Lybian general Haftar
TAG Terrier LT-79 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In March 2018, The Armored Group (TAG), a leading worldwide provider of armored vehicles, introduced its newest law enforcement vehicle, the Terrier LT-79. This new vehicle developed by the TAG Research and Development Team represents a well-balanced combination of protection, off-road mobility and payload. Most importantly, it offers unparalleled tactical mobility and survivability to armored vehicle end-users worldwide, in any climate or setting. The standard Terrier LT-79 will hold up to eight officers (2+6 in individual MIL-STD seats) or alternatively, seating for 10 (2+8) with optional bench seating, depending on the size of operators and amount of gear. The vehicle is agile and extremely versatile and is designed to protect individuals in dangerous operational environments. The vehicle is bound to become a vital means of transportation for SWAT teams, law enforcement and military personnel that need a highly armored vehicle while staying economical and budget-friendly.

The Terrier LT-79 uses a reinforced and militarized Toyota VDJ79 chassis. The vehicle can be built to B6 or NIJ-III protection standards and is powered by a 195hp (at 3,300 rpm) high sulfur 1VD-FTV Toyota 4.5L V8 diesel and readily available in LHD and RHD configurations. Using upgraded axles, clutch and a reinforced frame as well as large super single wheels, the vehicle combines excellent mobility and high payload in all operating environments.

“The Terrier LT-79 is a modern-era hybrid that combines the requirements needed for combat and fire support situations as well as mission-specific roles such as transport and logistics. The new Terrier LT-79 was designed on the Toyota chassis because parts are widely available enhancing serviceability in many parts of the world. It is also an affordable option to end users that need superior protection and fleet longevity while staying within their budget parameters,” said Robert Pazderka, President and Founder of TAG. All TAG facilities are ISO 9001 certified.


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