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Cochin Shipyard Ltd to build 8 anti-submarine warfare corvettes.

| 2019

Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) expected to sign contracts worth $US 775 Million with the Indian Navy to build eight anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvettes.

Cochin Shipyard Ltd to build 8 Anti Submarine Warfare Corvettes 925 001 Kamorta-class anti-submarine warfare (ASW) stealth corvette of the Indian Navy (Picture source: Indian Navy )

The first new ASW corvette is to be delivered in 42 months, followed by two vessels every year. The delivery programme is scheduled to end by 2024.

These ASW corvettes are expected to be Kamorta-class vessels. Kamorta-class ASW corvettes are propelled by combination of four diesel engines to reach speeds exceeding 25 knots, with a 3,500 nautical miles range.

These vessels are designed to fight in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare conditions and are equipped with an ASW capable helicopter, eight torpedoes, ASW rockets, 76 caliber medium-range gun and two multi-barrel 30mm guns with dedicated fire control systems. They are also equipped with advanced Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system.

In addition to that, CSL is on work to produce two 500-seater passenger vessels , two 1,200-seater passenger vessels and a more sophisticated vessel for the Defence Research and Development Organisation. CSL manager also expect to pick up orders worth $US 85 Million in ship repair.

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