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Thailand to purchase RTAF U-1 UAS for its Royal Navy.

| 2019

The Royal Thai Navy has announced its desire to purchase the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) U-1 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), produced by RV Connex Company Ltd (RV Connex).

Thailand to purchase RTAF U 1 UAS for its Royal Navy 925 001 U-1 UAS at Defense and Security 2017 in Thailand (Picture source : Navy Recognition)

It has been decided, following a selection, that the Royal Thai Navy would acquire the RTAF U-1 UAS as its new Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV). It is to develop a long-term maritime surveillance project for a total amount of $US 3.350, which will support Thai defense industry.

Thai government had already purchased the supply of 16 unmanned aerial systems RTAF U-1 with ground control station systems, in 2017. This UAV type was based on the Sky Scout tactical UAS, also created by RV Connex.

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