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China's shipyard CSSC launches 1st Pakistani Hangor class submarine PNS Hangor.

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According to information published by the Pakistani MoD on April 26, 2024, the Hangor class submarine PNS Hangor was launched by the Chinese shipyard CSSC. This submarine is a part of the Hangor-class, which itself is based on the Yuan-class Type 039B submarines provided by China.
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Hangor class submarine PNS Hangor. (Picture source: Pakistani MoD)

This first-of-class submarine was inaugurated at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group’s (WSIG) Shuangliu Base. The submarine is part of a larger agreement with China, which includes the construction of eight advanced submarines, with four being built in China and the remaining four in Pakistan at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW) under a technology transfer arrangement.

Structurally, the PNS Hangor boasts a double-hulled configuration, facilitating robust underwater performance and damage resilience. It stretches approximately 77.7 meters in length and 8.6 meters in beam width, with a displacement around 2,550 tons.

The design integrates a teardrop-shaped hull conducive to hydrodynamic efficiency, capable of housing a crew of 38 alongside accommodations for an additional eight special forces operatives. The material composition includes high-strength 921A and 980 steel.

The internal layout is methodically compartmentalized into six main sections, including the forward weaponry and battery area, central command module, living quarters, engine and generator space, the AIP system zone, and the aft section housing shaft machinery and drive motors. This compartmentalization supports operational safety and ease of maintenance.

Initially, propulsion was to be provided by four MTU 12V 396 SE84 marine engines. However, due to trade restrictions imposed on military technology sales to China, this plan was obstructed, leading to the exploration of alternatives like the Chinese-made CHD620 engine, which has reportedly been accepted by the PN after rigorous testing.

The AIP system developed by CSIC’s 711th Institute is another critical component, enhancing the submarine’s submerged endurance and operational stealth. Specifications suggest a maximum diving depth of around 300 meters, with a submerged top speed of 17 knots.

The submarine can operate under AIP for about 20 days, covering 768 nautical miles, with extended ranges achievable by integrating diesel-electric propulsion, pushing operational limits to 2000 nautical miles or 65 days.

Armament configurations, though not extensively detailed publicly, are believed to mirror those of the Yuan-class, featuring six 533mm torpedo tubes capable of deploying heavyweight torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

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