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US Navy destroyer USS Gravely shoots down 2 Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles.

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According to information published by the CENTCOM on December 31, 2023, a maritime incident in the Southern Red Sea involved the USS Gravely, a U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter guide a missile canister with stimulated ordinance during a VLS Rearm event. (Picture source: US DoD)

The incident began with a distress signal from the MAERSK HANGZHOU, a Danish container ship, which reported being struck by a missile. This was followed by an attack involving small boats operated by Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, from Yemen. These islamists also launched anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs) at the container ship.

The USS Gravely is outfitted with a range of modern naval defense systems, including the Aegis Combat System and the SPY-1D radar. These systems are designed to provide comprehensive anti-air warfare capabilities.

In this particular situation, the USS Gravely successfully intercepted and destroyed two ASBMs aimed at the container ship. This interception is a significant demonstration of the ship's ability to counter various missile threats, particularly those that include high-speed ballistic missiles with considerable destructive potential.

The incident involving the USS Gravely underscores the complex nature of maritime security in geopolitically sensitive regions like the Red Sea. As a crucial maritime route for international trade, the Red Sea's security is paramount.

In today’s context, naval ships are required to be equipped and prepared to defend against a broad spectrum of threats. These range from conventional surface-based threats to sophisticated airborne threats, including ballistic missiles launched from distant locations.

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