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DSA 2024 : Malaysian consortium Kemalak presents new maritime attack helicopter.

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During the DSA exhibition held in Malaysia from May 6 to May 9, 2024, the Kemalak consortium presented a new Marine Attack Helicopter (MAH). Combining offensive capabilities with support for amphibious assaults, the MAH is thus introduced to equip national navies in a region focused on maritime fronts.
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Maritime Attack helicopter presented by Kemalak during DSA 2024(Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Kemalak Group of Companies is a Malaysian enterprise known for its technological and innovative solutions, especially in defense and aerospace sectors. It provides products, technical expertise, tools, and operational advisory services to help clients make critical business decisions. The group aims to be a leading technology solution maintenance company globally, recognized for meeting the highest international standards.

Kemalak is involved in various projects including the supply of FA-50 aircraft in collaboration with Korea Aerospace Industries. It is also engaged in programs like PROTÉGÉ-RTW, which aims to integrate graduates into the workforce by providing job training in collaboration with local companies and government departments.

The MAH, standing for Marine Attack Helicopter, is a medium helicopter based on the Marine Utility Helicopter and is designed for amphibious maritime operations support, air support, and coastal defense missions. It appears that the MAH is inspired by the KUH-1 Surion manufactured by Korea Aerospace Industries.

Several configurations are possible, particularly regarding the stub wings, which can carry a payload consisting of air-to-ground missiles, air-to-air missiles, guided and unguided rockets, as well as gun turrets or a laser designation pod (TADS). The base helicopter is equipped with a 20mm caliber 3-barrel machine gun.

In terms of protection and integration, the MAH features the Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN) as well as missile jammers and flares for Fox 3 and Fox 2. All the constraints related to maritime use have been considered; the helicopter is relatively modest in size and weight at 8,709 kg, with a length of 19m and a width of 6m. It can be embarked on vessels of regional navies and is protected against corrosion caused by saltwater. The MAH is thus designed to meet the constraints of being deployed on a vessel and perfectly adapts to regional maritime forces.

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