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DSA 2024: Türkiye Presents Malaman Smart Naval Mine.

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Koç Savunma, a Turkish defense solutions company, recently unveiled its smart naval mine, Malaman, at the Defence Services Asia 2024 (DSA 2024) exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This ambitious project aims to reduce the Turkish Navy's reliance on foreign sources for mine warfare. Developed in partnership with TÜBİTAK, which oversees explosive control, and MKE, responsible for manufacturing the explosive materials, the mine marks a significant step forward in submarine defense technology.

A mockup of the Malaman Smart Sea Mine displays at DSA 2024 in Malaysia (Picture source: Army Recognition)

First introduced at IDEF 2023, the Malaman mine successfully completed its functional demonstration phase in February 2024, including a real detonation at sea. According to KoçSavunma representatives, the mine is now in its final acceptance phase and is expected to achieve initial operational capability in the coming months, with mass production scheduled to commence later this year.

Designed to be modern, adaptable, and scalable, Malaman can detect and classify its targets from long distances and deep waters through its acoustic, magnetic, and pressure sensors. It can be deployed from various platforms, including submarines, warships, and aircraft. Company officials have indicated that the only limitation to its deployment from unmanned surface vessels is due to its size and weight.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense stated that with the start of serial production under the ongoing MALAMAN project, Turkey's territorial waters will become much more secure in potential conflict situations. The smart mine developed within the project can be deployed in the desired area by warships and manned or unmanned submarine platforms. The deployed mine remains anchored to the seabed by a chain.

Equipped with a KoçSavunma electronic module and a smart firing mechanism, the mine can identify and categorize targeted ships and then detonate their explosive charge strategically at the optimal point, effectively breaking the keel and sinking the targeted vessel. The mine will be equipped with an Underwater Acoustic Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system, as well as pressure, vibration, magnetic anomaly, and sound sensors.

The mine also features visual and acoustic stealth capabilities that blend with the seabed environment, and it carries plastic-bonded underwater explosives, making it resistant to bullet impacts and rapid heating. Fitted with sophisticated technology sensors, the mine has a body made from GRP (glass-reinforced polyester), one of the most effective acoustic insulation materials.

Weighing over 600 kg, with a diameter of 533 mm and a length exceeding 1800 mm, Malaman is armed with an underwater acoustic IFF system and an array of sensors for detecting magnetic anomalies, vibrations, and sounds. It operates within a temperature range of -2.5 °C to +36 °C.

The recent deployment of naval mines, as seen in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, highlights their enduring effectiveness in strategically controlling significant maritime areas. Furthermore, in times of tension or conflict, areas of interest within our territorial waters or directly proportional to our maritime interests can be denied to the adversary. While Malaman is designed for both offensive and defensive use, its intelligent technology minimizes the risk of detonation under non-targeted ships, thereby complicating mine countermeasure operations and extending the time required for these operations.

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