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HII completes overhaul of Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

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According to a PR published by HII on April 8, 2024, thee Newport News Shipbuilding division of HII recently achieved a significant milestone in the refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of the USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis. (Picture source: HII)

This phase involved extensive dry dock work, where the carrier was subjected to a series of upgrades and renovations to prepare it for the latter stages of its service life. 

After the dry dock was flooded with over 100 million gallons of water, a process marking the end of this phase, the USS John C. Stennis was transitioned to an outfitting berth. At this location, the ship will undergo the final stages of its overhaul, which includes comprehensive testing and finishing work.

The dry dock phase saw the carrier receive substantial upgrades, including defueling and refueling of its power plant, preservation of tanks, and replacement of various components like valves, pumps, and piping.

Structural updates were made to the island, mast, and antenna tower. The ship's exterior received attention too, with updates to the aircraft launch and recovery equipment, painting of the hull, and restoration of propeller shafts, propellers, and rudders.

As the USS John C. Stennis moves into the next phase of its overhaul, efforts will concentrate on the overhaul and installation of major components, testing of electronics, combat, and propulsion systems, and improvements to the crew's living areas.

The RCOH is a critical process that ensures the aircraft carrier will be ready to support current and future Navy missions, extending its service life for an additional 25 years. The USS John C. Stennis is the seventh Nimitz-class carrier to undergo this comprehensive mid-life overhaul.

USS John C. Stennis

The USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was contracted on March 29, 1988, with its keel laid on March 13, 1991, at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia.

The ship was christened by his daughter, Mrs. Margaret Stennis-Womble, and commissioned on December 9, 1995, at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. The carrier commenced its operational history with flight deck certification and its first arrested landing in early 1996.

The USS John C. Stennis embarked on a series of deployments, exercises, and maintenance periods following its commissioning. Its first deployment in 1998 took it through the Suez Canal to the Persian Gulf for Operation Southern Watch. The carrier encountered operational challenges, including a grounding incident in 1999 and a significant maintenance accident.

In the early 2000s, the Stennis participated in Operation Southern Watch and supported homeland security operations post-9/11. Over the years, it underwent several upgrades, including the installation of a new mast and an integrated bridge system, to maintain operational capabilities.

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