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Taiwan Navy conducts combat readiness drill with M109 assault boats.

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According to information published by CNA on January 31, 2024, Taiwan's Navy Marine Corps executed an enhanced combat readiness exercise today, focusing on 'Joint Firepower Strikes' in the waters of Zuoying Harbor. The exercise involved defensive mine-laying and the protection of M109 assault boats at sea. A significant highlight was the transformation of anti-ship missiles into mobile missile vehicles.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Taiwanese Navy's M109 assault boats. (Picture source: ROC Navy)

This event took place at the Navy's Zuoying Base, where troops carried out joint firepower strikes and mine-laying readiness drills. The exercise aimed to detect threats early and involved various tasks like mobile missile vehicle protection, rapid deployment of light forces, defensive mine-laying, and M109 assault boats' protection at sea. The use of radar stations and various drones for early enemy warning showcased the 'land-to-sea' combat capabilities.

Officers stated that the drill integrated naval and shore forces throughout the operation, addressing gray zone disruptions and ensuring maritime traffic safety. The mine-laying boats, built by Taiwan's Lungteh Shipbuilding, featured navigation and positioning systems, carried various types of mines, and had an automated mine-laying system to enhance maritime mine-laying warfare efficiency and delay enemy action.

Additionally, missile vehicles equipped with Hsiung Feng II and III anti-ship missiles demonstrated their combat readiness procedures, showcasing battlefield mobility and deployment capabilities. Each missile vehicle carried four missiles, ready to move to tactical positions and execute maritime control operations upon command.

Colonel Zhu Junying of the Hai Feng Second Squadron commented that since the formation of the missile force in 1987, there has been a transition from fixed positions to mobile missile vehicles, now equipped with the new Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missiles.

About the M109 assault boat

The M109 is constructed with high-strength composite materials and features a deep-V gliding design for wave resistance. It includes easily detachable gun mounts and seats, allowing for rapid mission-specific adjustments. The boat is equipped with 50-caliber machine guns, 40mm grenade launchers, and 74-caliber machine guns.

The primary roles of the M109 include harbor patrol and reconnaissance, opening safe waterways, and clearing underwater obstacles during combat training to facilitate amphibious landings.

During heightened combat readiness stages, it will be responsible for coastal surveillance within 3 nautical miles, performing rapid response, maritime reconnaissance, infiltration raids, anti-piracy, and harbor defense operations.

The M109 special operations assault boat, measuring 11.2 meters in length, 3.2 meters in width, 4.5 meters in height, with a top speed of 46 knots, has a light load weight of 4 tons (full load 5.8 tons) and an operational range of over 300 nautical miles at 35 knots. It can carry 8 to 10 armed personnel.

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