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Ukrainian president Zelensky visits Ada class corvettes in Turkey.

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According to information published by the Ukrainian government on March 9, 2024, during his official visit to Turkey, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy inspected the construction of two corvettes for the Ukrainian Navy at a shipyard in Istanbul.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001  2nd Ada class corvette Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky. (Picture source: Ukrainian presidency)

Zelenskyy shared updates via Facebook, stating his visit to the shipyard where the corvettes for the Ukrainian Naval Forces are being built. He reviewed the progress and equipment of the corvette "Ivan Mazepa" and engaged with Ukrainian Naval personnel, expressing gratitude for their service. Furthermore, Zelenskyy was briefed on the construction progress of a second Ada-class corvette, which he named after Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky.

This inspection is part of Ukraine's ongoing efforts to enhance its naval capabilities, with Turkey playing a pivotal role in building these corvettes. Previously, in August 2023, it was reported that Turkey would construct a second Ada-class corvette for the Ukrainian Naval Forces, which had its keel laid at a shipbuilding enterprise in Istanbul.

Zelenskyy had decreed to name this corvette after Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky, following his earlier decision in August 2022 to name the first Ada-class corvette being built for Ukraine by Turkey as "Hetman Ivan Mazepa."

Technical data

The Ukrainian Ada-class corvettes have a displacement of 2,300 long tons and measure 99.56 meters in length. With a beam of 14.40 meters and a draft of 3.89 meters, they are designed to balance stability and maneuverability in a variety of sea conditions.

Powered by a CODAG system that includes one gas turbine and two diesels, these corvettes can reach an economy speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 29 knots, with a range of 3,500 nautical miles at the economy speed. They can operate for 21 days with logistic support and 10 days autonomously.

The corvettes accommodate 93 personnel, including aviation officers, with space for up to 106. Their technical equipment encompasses the GENESIS Combat Management System, SMART-S Mk2 search radar, sonar, GPS, LAN, ECDIS, UniMACS 3000 IPMS, and various electronic warfare and decoy systems including Aselsan ARES-2N.

Armaments include a 76 mm OTO Melara Super Rapid gun, a 35 mm Aselsan GOKDENIZ anti-aircraft gun, two 12.7 mm Aselsan STAMP machine guns, Harpoon anti-surface missiles, VL MICA-M anti-aircraft missiles, and 324 mm MU90 torpedoes.

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