Upgraded Sodema sight will be mounted on T-90 tanks

A modernized Sodema sight developed for BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and other types of armor are to be mounted on T-90 tanks, Sergey Popov, first deputy director-general of the Schwabe holding company and deputy director for R&D and innovative development, said.

Upgraded Sodema sight will be mounted on T 90 tanks
Russian Army T-90A tank (Picture source: Vitaly V. Kuzmin)

"We are planning to use the [Sodema} sight for the modernization of T-90 tanks," he said.

Popov added that apart from BMP-3 the Sodema sight would be installed on the Russian-made light armor. It will also be used for upgrading foreign hardware as part of military-technical cooperation.

He clarified that the process of installation of the new sight on armored vehicles as part of a modernization effort could take from two to six months.

The batch production of Sodema sights has already been launched. They can easily be used with other hardware and equipment: the only thing which should be done prior to that is to conduct some tests and adjust the sight.

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