ShieldAfrica 2019: Trigger, new generation of Arquus ALTV

The French company Arquus, previously Renault Trucks Defense, presents a new generation of its ALTV under the name of Trigger at ShieldAfrica 2019. The Trigger is a 4x4 light tactical vehicle based on a Ford chassis which can be configured for different roles and missions. The Trigger is able to be used as troop’s carrier and logistic vehicle.

ShieldAfrica 2019 Trigger new generation of Arquus ALTV 1
Arquus Trigger (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Trigger is available for both Interior Security and Defense forces. It was developed on the same militarized base as the VT4, the French Army’s new command, patrol and liaison vehicle. The Trigger is renowned for its endurance and versatility, which top all pick-ups in service in Africa, a region for which it is especially designed to be used.

It offers the largest payload available on the market, thanks to its reinforced platform, specifically designed for military purposes. This platform holds up to 1.3 tons of supplies or weapons, depending on the mission. The Trigger’s autonomy - up to 1,000km -, its gasoil tank with double filtration, and its ruggedness make it a reliable, inexpensive, multi-purpose vehicle.

At ShieldAfrica 2019, the Arquus Trigger was showcased in personnel carrier variant with a single cab at the front for driver and commander, while the rear part of the vehicle has a flatbed with two benches to carry military personnel. The rear part of the Trigger is also fitted with an anti-roll bar that includes a ring-mount which is armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun. 

ShieldAfrica 2019 Trigger new generation of Arquus ALTV 2
Arquus Trigger (Picture source: Army Recognition)